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Welcome to IAC Ecuador

IAC Ecuador is the first national division of International Academic Competitions in Latin America.
You will find information about our projects and programs, competitions, and our tv show on this website.
IAC Ecuador is delighted to host the inaugural 2023 International Environmental Science Olympiad, the 2024 International Geography Championships, and the inaugural 2025 International Spanish Olympiad. These summer programs are meant for the world’s top students in these subjects, and for each event, we will be organizing competitions, sightseeing opportunities, cultural events, and much more. These will be incredible chances to deepen one’s study of Environmental Science, Geography, and the Spanish language, while meeting other students from around the world with similar interests, and discovering and exploring one of the most beautiful and biodiverse countries in the world.
We will also host internal academic competitions for public and private schools in Ecuador.
Please stay tuned to our news to register.

2023 International Environmental Science Olympiad

ESO Ecuador 2023

2024 International Geography Championships

IGC Ecuador 2024

2025 International Spanish Olympiad

ISO Ecuador 2025




International Academic Competitions is a worldwide consortium providing enriching and exciting competition opportunities for primary and secondary students in over 50 countries. IAC Ecuador was launched in 2022 to support IAC’s activities in Ecuador, and to assist with future expansions in Latin America. 

Please see www.iacompetitions.com 

and please contact info@iacecuador.com for further details and questions.

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